ESP32 windows 开发环境




Steps to install Arduino ESP32 support on Windows

Tested on 32 and 64 bit Windows 10 machines

  1. Download and install the latest Arduino IDE

    Installer``` from [](
    2. Download ```Windows x86 MSI installer``` or ```Windows x86-64 MSI installer``` from []( When installing:
    - Install for all users
    - In ```Customize Python 2.7.X``` page, make sure you enable the last option: ```Add python.exe to Path

  2. Download and install Git from
  3. Start

    Bash``` as Administrator and execute the following command
    python -m pip install --upgrade pip && \
    pip install pyserial

    Git Bash As Admin
    Git Bash Admin CMD

  4. Start

    Bash``` normally and execute the following command
    mkdir -p ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/espressif && \
    cd ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/espressif && \
    git clone esp32 && \
    cd esp32/tools/ && \

    Git Bash User CMD

  5. Plug your ESP32 board and wait for the drivers to install (or install manually any that might be required)
  6. Start Arduino IDE
  7. Select your board in Tools > Board menu
  8. Select the COM port that the board is attached to
  9. Compile and upload (You might need to hold the boot button while uploading)

    Arduino IDE Example